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Jordan Rizzieri is the 90’s-loving, five-foot-ten founder of The RPD Society. She was raised on Long Island, NY to love Alice Hoffman & Billy Joel. She was educated in Western NY to eat Garbage Plates & Buffalo Wings. Now she spends her daylight hours in Arlington, VA, working on freelance editing and writing projects with Gizmo the Dog. At night she takes on the identity of pro wrestling's sassiest critic, The Lady J. When she's not trimming her bangs or trying to convince people in the south not to call her "ma'am", she is listening to Prince and daydreaming her next tattoo. Feel free to contact her with questions about: women's wrestling, the Fast & the Furious franchise, creative non-fiction, and the proper spelling of "braciola".

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Wilson Josephson
splits his time between the backwoods of New Hampshire and Northfield, Minnesota, where he attends Carleton College.  Wilson spends the majority of his waking hours swimming back and forth over a line of black tiles, so he spends any dry hours he can scrounge up flexing his creative muscles. 

His prose and his poetry have appeared in Carleton’s literary magazine, he regularly performs in the student dance company, and he even directed a play once.  Wilson is also the laziest of all the founding members of Literary Starbucks, and he still writes jokes about obscure literary figures when he has a little free time.  His newest passion is making people laugh, usually by making himself the punchline, occasionally via the clever deployment of a slippery banana peel.

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