The RP&D Society: The Meaning of It All

The setting: the mid-1970’s, a private university on Long Island called Hofstra.

A communications major in his late twenties is well-known for his particular style of headdress: a black cowboy hat. This was his everyday hat, his formal hat, his hat in times of good and bad. This hat, which saw him through thick and thin, became known as his hat for all occasions. It became known as his “rain, party, & disaster” hat.

Some thirty years later, the hat is gone, but the phrase remains. Now known to the man’s daughter as an idiom meaning “good for all times and places,” the phrase takes on a new challenge: the title of a literary magazine. The Rain, Party, & Disaster magazine represents all people and all ideas, never pointing to one as “right” or “wrong,” never choosing sides.

Good for all times.