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As the RP&D magazine grows, so must its staff. Keep an eye out for a new Horsewoman of the Litpocalypse, Assistant Poetry Editor Angela Degregorio, who joins our staff this month!
July 2014
Read all about "The Headlines" this month at  The Rain, Party, & Disaster Society. July's issue is a themed one, with many of our posts focusing on "The Headlines". We asked our contributors to attack this concept in a variety of genres and styles. Some people approached hot-button headlines, some flashed back to older (but still relevant) topics, and others still tackled issues that ought to be covered in the news, but haven't yet received the kind of attention they deserve. Keep checking our Latest Issue page for your daily dose of The Headlines!

As our theme for this issue covers such an array of topics, some of them very sensitive and extremely subjective, we invite all of our contributors to sound off on the things you read this month. If a work that you come across really strikes you,  write a rebuttal, a response poem, an open letter or a contradictory short story. The opinions you read in RPD are indicative only of the author, and our editors are always open to hearing other opinions on a subject, provided the submission follows our Guidelines. Maybe you don't have a rebuttal, but you create something that is inspired by a piece you saw on our site. Let us know in the body of your e-mail whose piece ignited your mind. We also encourage submissions from new contributors, so if you have been a faithful reader of RP&D but have no yet submitted work to us, now is the time! We're ready to help you carve your essay, short story or poem into a masterpiece and then share it with the world.

Our features for our July issue begin with a piece from our very own Editor-in-Chief, Jordan Rizzieri. We wanted to carry over our features from last month so or readers have a complete picture of our editorial staff. After that, we return to features from our contributors, including a Scottish poet, a Southern fiction writer, and two of our regular contributors. We are encouraging all of or featured artists to think way outside the box, so look for these features to set a new standard for future spotlights.

Even though there are both a US holiday (Independence Day) and a Canadian Holiday (Canada Day) this month, we'll still be posting every week day. If you haven't already, add us Instagram, as we'll be sharing pictures of a summer at RP&D! Make sure to share your favorite pieces with friends via your social media accounts. Nothing is better for a contributor than to see their work reaching new audiences. And keep an eye on that submission period (July 1st - 15th) to be considered for our August issue.

Have a drink, hop in the pool, and get ready, because July is here!
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Just The Girls
The Editorial Staff of The Rain, Party, & Disaster Society happens to be comprised entirely of women. But since this is not a women's magazine, with a varied contributor base, why not include someone who identifies as male? The Horsewomen of the Litpocalypse ruminate on the idea:

JORDAN: When I started RP&D, I reached out to a long list of people to see who would be interested. Kay and Bee responded directly. Jen and I were connected by a mutual gentleman friend. Alecia came to us later on, through her cis-male fiance.To date, we have worked with 111 contributors, 63% of whom identify as male. Do I think that means our editorial staff should be 63% male? No. I think our readers know that we try to view their work blind to their gender-identity, ethnic background, religious beliefs, or political affiliations. I don't think our relationship with our readers has very much at all with our being women, I think it has to do with who we are as editors and the manner in which we conduct our business. As we continue to grow and expand our staff, I would be open to hiring someone who identifies as male, provided that both his personality and editing style mesh with the rest of the staff. And that he doesn't mind that I usually wear pajamas to staff video meetings.

JEN: It's my opinion that personality is the most important factor in any type of relationship. If our staff included a man, the most important thing about him would be his personality. Does he work well with us? Does he share our sense of humor? Does he treat us as equals? Does he give our thoughts and opinions the respect they deserve? If the answer to all of these questions were yes, then his gender-identity would be irrelevant.

BEE: My bildungsroman, my coming-of-age story is fairly typical, I feel. Born of right-wing, neoconservative parents; raised in lower-middle class basement apartments without windows; educated in experimental schools for the gifted; I managed to go against so many of my parents wishes, while still being the farthest thing from a disappointment. Juxtaposed, my family and I are political, social, and economic opposites. So in 2014, when I find myself the poetry editor on a staff of all women, you ask me if I think adding someone who identifies as male to our staff would "round us out," my answer is ever so briefly, "perhaps," and then all at once, "not even a little." As it stands, we are one Capricorn, one Aquarius, one Cancer, one Libra, and one Aries. We are a queer post-modern poet working in high-fashion, a non-fiction writer living in a cabin documenting the best milkshakes with her partner in crime, a playwright who unwinds by scripting possible outcomes for WWE matches in her head, an actress planning cross-country moves while holding down the heart chakra, and a brilliant copyeditor who travels to corners of the earth to build infrastructure. If you ask me if I think we need to add someone who identifies as male to "round us out," I will tell you that on my worst days part of me is male identifying and on my best days I am able to let my femininity know no bounds. In the words of a student, "my parents did not raise me to be a queer feminist filled with the wrath of a thousand enraged dragons and yet here I am." Here we are, the four dragonwomen of the apocalypse.

ALECIA: We are all women, running a magazine that's not specifically catered toward women. So, how does that change things? Does it? I guess there's really no way to know, technically, but my hope is that the demographics of our team welcome more submissions from women. VIDA (an organization for women in the literary arts) has informed us for years of the abysmal publication gap between men and women, but many of the editors that VIDA takes to task claim low submission rates from women. It's the "confidence gap," supposedly. Whatever you want to call it, I can only hope that our all-female staff allows more women writers to feel comfortable submitting. Being "incendiary" necessarily involves including perspectives that aren't always spotlighted—the survivor, the "angry feminist," the female conservative. I hope we make them feel at home.

Tumblr Posts
In case you missed it, check out the links below to June's Tumblr Features from our Editorial Staff. Get to know us a little better...we won't bite.

JEN: an essay on adoption and the right to decide not to have children at all

KAY: "click bait: in which i try to tell you something important, but all anyone wants is a good headline"; a visual poem on rape culture in the community of individuals with disabilities

"A Study in Studying Abroad, Europe’s Farthest Shore, and Coming Into Your Own Body As If For The First Time", an open letter to Ireland in 2009

ALECIA: "Lover"
; a short story from the larger collection, Amelia

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Jordan, Jen, Kay, Bee, & Alecia
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