A Toast to 2015!
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1/7 Dylan Weir 

1/14 Dmitri Bailey (Fiction)

1/21 Joyce Chong (Poetry)

1/28 O Mayeux

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January 2015
A New Year is upon us once again. Hard to believe we're already gazing into 2015. With a whole year ahead of us, we look forward to interacting more with you - our reader - and our future contributors, both old and new!

We are very proud of our January issue. It represents a wide variety of the RP&D community - from young writers to experienced writers, domestic essayists to foreign poets. We're sure you will find a lot of new and challenging pieces on the RP&D pages this month and encourage you to respond to the work you find there. Feel free to email us with comments, responses, and works inspired but what you see this month.

As we mentioned in last month's newsletter, we have a few changes coming this month. On the second Saturday of every month, regular contributor and talented essayist Adam Kane will be writing a column for RP&D of social commentary. We have looked forward to his thoughtful (and occasionally hilarious) submissions each month and look forward to bringing his work to our readers in a more formal setting.

Also beginning this month will be our new Craft Questions column, running the third Saturday of the month. Each column will tackle a question from the RP&D community about writing and publishing. If you have a question you'd like to see answered, send us an email at rainpartydisaster@gmail.com.

Make sure you check out our features this month by hitting the "blog" tab on our header every Wednesday. And keep in mind that our new submission period opened today and will remain open until the 15th. We look forward to reading your work this month!

Happy New Year!
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A Spell for the New Year
Your RP&D Staffers cast out on 2015:


JORDAN: 2015 begins on a Thursday. In Thailand, the color usually associated with Thursday is Orange. For good luck, open an orange on the first and count the pieces. Use that number as your magic number for the year.


JEN: Tie a green ribbon around a white candle (preferably in a candle holder, to avoid getting wax on the ribbon). Hold the candle for a few minutes while thinking about what you want to happen in the coming year. Light the candle and let it burn until it goes out by itself. Keep the green ribbon somewhere on your person: turn it into a pin you can wear, a bracelet, put it in your purse or wallet, etc. Keep it with you all year.


BEE: A Spell For Winter, After The Longest Night:

Contradiction of the Light, 
counted days and counted nights. 
Celebration of Fire's might, 
to once again have Death ignite
the God and Goddess into flight. 
Blessed be the Sun by holy rite.

ADAM: Not as acquainted with spells and incantations as I could be, but rather keen on whichever series of chants, pairings of dripping wax and whiskers  might transfigure me into a cat, or something else a little less forcibly perceptive, a little more comfortably exhausted and free to look about surroundings with inherently disinterested glances.

The RP&D Staffers make resolutions for the magazine in the new year:

Jordan: As a master of taking on too much and buckling under the sheer weight of my tasks, I resolve to delegate more, to share the responsibilities with the RP&D team and to make more time to try new things - to bring the magazine forward as a whole.

Jen: This year, I'd really like to improve my view of the overall big picture of a piece. Sometimes I find it difficult as an editor to make those kinds of corrections until the third or even fourth read-through, after all the little mistakes like grammar have been corrected, and I'd like to work on changing that.

Bee: The Earth spins at 1,070 miles an hour, and most days, so does my head. While I thank the ground under my feet for doing what it needs to do, I beg my body to do what I need it to do. Resolution is both a firm decision and the action of solving, so this year, I approach it as less of sudden halt and more of a steady slowing. I will catch up with myself, I will give myself time to be, I will stand still long enough to be able to see what needs doing, and do it. 

Adam: Resolving to cease salivating over accepted works; will attempt to appreciate in a more dignified manner.

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Until next time, 
Jordan, Jen, Bee, & Adam
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