The Winter of Our Discontent
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Due to the overwhelming positive response to Adam Kane's new column on the 2nd Saturday of every month entitled "Vox Populi", we are adding a second column, the first Saturday of each month. This column will feature the haiku poetry for regular contributor Tom Loughlin and begins February 7th!

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February 2015
February is a strange little month of order and exceptions. It is packaged neatly into four perfect weeks, unless it is a leap year and then everything descends into chaos. It is represented by the violet and the amethyst. It is populated by pisces and aquarians, a highly volatile duo. It is a month that carries the weight of independence for nine different nations, and in some cultures represents love. 

For The Rain, Party, & Disaster Society, February is the third issue in our current volume, and the 15th issue we have ever published. It is a great time for reflection, for self-evaluation and preparation for growth, as the spring is almost here.

As we mentioned in our January newsletter, regular contributor Kaity Davie is now running our social media accounts, including our Twitter, Tumblr, and our Facebook. She's doing a great job, so make sure to check out all of the content she is generating.

As next month begins the spring season, we at RPD are looking for a new featured background image. If you are a visual artist or know someone who is, make sure to reach out to us via email to get us some of your spring-inspired works! We will not only have your image up as our background for the March, April, & May issues, but we will also do an artist feature on our Tumblr and put up your bio on our Contributing Artists page.

We are also still looking for questions about writing for our panel of esteemed experts to answer in a new column. You can send any questions (even anonymous ones) to us via Tumblr ask or email!

As always, we are open again for submissions between now and February 15th. Feel free to send us your Valentine's love poetry, your Black History Month essays, your fiction about the birth of George Washington and any other strange and wonderful thing you can think up! We look forward to seeing your work in our inbox.

Stay warm, stay weird, and get ready.
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Your RP&D Staffers consider their horoscopes:


JORDAN: Being an Aquarius is not entirely unlike being the strange goth kid in high school. Nobody seems to understand you, but you are secure in your weirdness. Being in a position of authority at RPD has also been a challenge, as Aquarians are subject to fits of indecision, which is no good for an EIC. We are a complex breed, but friendly and inclusive, much like how I always hoped the RPD community would become. We are a mishmash of personalities that have breathed life into my dream.


JEN: I'm an Aries, and if you've spent any time with me, you will not be surprised to hear that. I'm just about every trait, good and bad, of an Aries. Sometimes this can be a good thing for my editing: I'm persistent, always trying to help an author create his or her best work. I'm motivated, working until the job is done. But sometimes it can hinder me: I'm stubborn, and if I feel my opinion is the right one, you'd better believe I'll argue it forever. I'm blunt, so sometimes my comments come out a bit less tactful than I intended. But the good thing about knowing that I'm an Aries and having all my personality traits listed in front of me is that I can point to them and say, "These are the ones I need to work on." I'm always trying to see how I can evolve and become a better person. And I'm persistent (or stubborn), so I'll keep at it no matter what.

BEE: The key life phrase for Aquarius is "I know" and for Capricorn, "I use." This tells you all you need to know about Jordan, myself, our relationship with astrology, and each other. Aquarius is a water sign, then are humanitarian, electric, and progressive, bearing the burden but still able to see further than most other signs. Capricorns are dry, earthy, immovable, and fearful of risk. We expect the worst, while Aquarius doesn't have to expect anything, because they know exactly what will happen, even when they don't think they do.


ADAM: It was a strange night. I was tired, she was falling asleep on my lap, and out of nowhere she shook off the fatigue, bolted upright and exclaimed that I was born within the 'Cusp of the Revolution'. I didn't know what that meant, so she ran off and came back with a pretty weighty astrological tome; flips through some pages, proceeds to read me the diagnosis on having been spawned the 24th of November, and how in reality that made me not only a Sagittarius (as I'd initially been lead to believe) but a Scorpio, as well. She lists some positives associated, but the cons seemed to outweigh the pros. “Stubborn, unwilling to communicate feelings, pessimistic, prone to jealousy if not vigilant...” The list went on, and I wouldn't be surprised if those traits played a role in why she and I don't speak anymore.

The Birth of an Editor-in-Chief
The RP&D Staffers pass their thoughts over the impending birth of their EIC, Jordan.

Jordan: I am highly embarrassed and yet warmed by the things the staffers have to say about me. If you want my opinions on myself, I highly suggest re-evaluating your interests and/or following me on twitter (@JordanRizzieri). But I do want to say this: it is very strange to consider I am about to be older than Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, or Kurt Cobain ever were. Though if you knew how much grey hair I have, you would think I'm far older than my twenty-eight years.

Jen: From ariesonfire.tumblr.com: "Aries always want to try something new, but sometimes run out of ideas. Aquarius always have new ideas, but don't always have the energy to carry them out." I think this is a pretty accurate description of how Jordan and I function as friends. It's how I ended up joining RPD: she came up with the idea (I never would have thought of starting my own magazine) and I wanted to be part of it. She's creative and driven, and, in the words of that same Tumblr, "supports the enthusiasm and energy of the Ram, and provides it with ideas and vision to channel its energy. The Aries . . . loves to implement the schemes of the Aquarius [and] Aquarius adores to see his or her ideas actually carried out by the Aries." This is why we work so well together. So happy birthday, Jordan, and thanks for being the backbone of our little magazine!

Bee: February this year starts on a Sunday, and having only 28 days, ends on a Saturday. Thus far in 2015, a calendar page of February is the most beautiful thing I've seen. One day after the midway point is the 15th, the birthday for our Editor-in-Chief, Jordan Rizzieri. She, like this February, is balanced and beautiful, making perfect sense. I trust her in the way I trust only the spinning of the sun and the passing of the days. I can find her on a page, I can count on her arrival, I can use her direction. Happy Birthday, Jordan.

Adam: Jordan is the very cool, impassioned, and slightly intimidating (does that term apply if you're intimidated by most things?) Editor-In-Chief of a very cool magazine with a very unique aim—of which I constantly feel privileged being a part of. An incredibly solid inspirator on making things happen; one counts themselves honored working under her undaunted guidance.

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Jordan, Jen, Bee, & Adam
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