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12/3 - Mitchell Grabois (Fiction)

12/10 - Reeves Stockard (Poetry)

12/17 - Robin Shawver (Poetry)

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The Rain, Party, & Disaster Society will not be publishing new works on the 24th, 25th, or 31st of December in observance of the holidays. Dates that fall on a Wednesday will also not have a Tumblr feature post.
December 2014
Welcome to a new year! As promised, we have some changes coming your way with this second volume of The Rain, Party, & Disaster Society. Starting in December, RPD will feature a craft-focused advice column on the third Saturday of every month. This month's question will go up on December 20th, and we will have a rotating cast of characters responding to all of your writing questions. Questions can be sent to RainPartyDisaster2@gmail.com at any time!

If you're interesting in submitting your work to our January issue, bring it on! Issue II of our second volume will be themed "In The Beginning". Just a reminder, you don't have to submit work that falls under this theme to be considered for the issue, but if you have something that fits, send it our way.

Our winter theme for the 2014-2015 season is brought to us by Erich Waldorf, who captured this amazing image while doing videography on a cruise ship. Erich has traveled far and wide and brought us a staggering glimpse into a climate many of us will never behold.

We would also like to welcome regular contributor Kaity Davie to our team as our Social Media Mistress. Kaity will help take RPD to our next step, running our Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter. Send her a shout on any of these platforms and welcome her aboard!

We will have more changes coming your way in the following months. Never a dull moment here at RPD; we are trying to keep you all on your toes. Stay tuned, and get ready.

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Currently Reading
Your RP&D Staffers let you peak in their library:


JORDAN: I was introduced to Alice Hoffman as a young girl, when my mother first passed her love of Practical Magic on to me. As I approached adulthood, more of her canon found its way into my bedroom, onto my desk. I fell in love with Property Of in a way I'd never loved a book before (nor since). Now I try to read every new book Hoffman writes, savoring each mention of my home of Long Island, disappearing entirely into her moments of simple magic. Currently, I'm working through her 2009 release The Story Sisters, and wishing I was one of the three women in this book, edged with faery dust and wandering a reality we all know but wish we could escape. This, as are any of Hoffman's books, is wonderful for anyone who appreciates weaving reality into the fantastic and not the other way around, for anyone who has twinkle lights in their bedroom and a stick of sage handy at all times, and anyone who can feel whatever is out there, right on the edge of what you can see.

JEN: My book club's pick for this month was Affinity by Sarah Waters, and I'm really glad that was the suggested book. It's about a society woman in Victorian London who makes charity visits to the local women's prison and befriends a medium there. Everything about it was fantastic: the plot, the pacing, the writing (Waters really nailed the Victorian speech pattern; it felt very authentic), and especially the ending, which was something of a surprise. I highly recommend it.


BEE: Over the past week, I have recommended the book Ready Player One by Ernest Cline twice to two different people in the middle of discussions about reading books twice. This is Cline's first novel that chronicles the not too distant future, clearly dystopian, and a boy named Wade Watts raised in a world full of crime, carbon monoxide, and war. Watts and the rest of the world, however, don't go to school or work IRL, they all log-in and exist in the Oasis, a virtual reality of sorts created by James Halliday, video game master mind and lover of all things from the 1980's. RIYL: the album of remixes Bon Iver put out, the Commodore 64, or coming of age tales. 


ADAM: A good majority of the populace, aside from myself, seems to've been familiar with the existence of Agatha Christie and her plethora of work. I was recently acquainted with her mystery novel And Then There Were None, a tale of ten individuals with a knack for tragedy, marooned on a foreboding isle, taking shelter in a foreboding mansion. Not quite finished, but a recurring theme is a rather morbid poem; two thumbs up thus far.

Writing Prompts
Feeling stuck? Try one of these on for size:

Jordan: Consider if the gift giving component of the holiday season was banned, outlawed, forbidden  What would differentiate the holiday you celebrate from any other day? How would you mark the occasion? Where would you go and who would you see? What is really important? Write a list poem.

Jen: Pick a Christmas song you like and write a story around it - make it something that brings two characters together, or turns out to be a coded message, or the prelude to an event (for example, in "Baby, It's Cold Outside," what happens to the singers the next morning?).

Bee: I've been trading emails with poet Jeremy Radin the past few weeks, all loosely centered around the theme of our Ideal Winter. Write a letter, long or short, to anyone (or no one) about your Ideal Winter. 

Adam: Lace your boots, take long walks through what isolation is available to you in your corner of the world. I'd recommend snow-blanketed wood (but anyplace quiet works damn near the same). Leave prints behind you, contemplate the ones left before you arrived. Compose a series of haikus in your head; and in keeping with the ethereal nature of the scene set around you, don't bother writing anything down.

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Jordan, Jen, Bee, & Adam
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