The Art Of Making Gift Baskets

Giving or receiving a gift baskets is an exciting symbol that connotes a great sense of abundance. A gift basket overflowing with goodies from a loved one shows someone cares for you like a queen or king. Furthermore, who doesn’t want to feel like a pampered royal house guest?

Giving a wonderful gift basket comes with a profound effect on the recipient. You might want to gift a loved such a precious gift but don’t know how to make one. In this post, you will find some helpful tips on how to make a gift basket from the comfort of your home, and even better, using simple and readily available materials. Use these tips to get started on the exciting journey and art of making unique gift baskets.

Get the right materials for your ideal gift basket

The art of making baskets is sometimes addictive especially when working your way to perfection. This means you might get hooked to this craft, and find yourself making gift baskets all day. To make your gift-basket making experience more economical, it is essential to gather all the appropriate materials and tools.
The bare minimum requirements for making a gift basket include a basket-like item such as a tray or an attractive gift box, shredded paper, shredded natural wood (excelsior) or any other attractive filler material. You may also want to have bonus items such as cellophane bags or wrapping material and some decorative ribbons. Of course, you should also have a pair of scissors and clear tapes (both single and double side)

Decide whether the gift basket will be food-themed or not.
This is one element you should always remember when preparing a new creation for a loved one, a friend or an acquaintance. It is a key decision that determines your basket’s design. Food themed baskets are created in a way that accommodates your loved one’s favourite diet or snacks package. It could be coffee, chocolate, cookies, or any other food the recipient enjoys. A great food basket will be a masterful gift choice when made

Choose a theme that resonates with the gift

Every gift basket has a unique theme. You choose the theme depending on your likes and interests as well as those of the recipient. There are no limitations in what you should choose; be creative enough. The gifts you put in the basket, whether goodies, toys, flowers or anything else should match its theme.

Let the gift basket give an impression of abundance

This secret comes in handy when filling the gift basket with goodies. Use the filler materials in a way that the gift basket appears to be practically overflowing. This creates the much-coveted sense of abundance exuded in well-designed baskets.

A few little touches make the gifts greater

One last tip is focusing on the little things. As much as the theme and gifts delight the sense of gratitude, adding some ribbons, decorative accents or other inexpensive goodies to the basket details makes the entire arrangement more appealing.