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April 2014

April’s etymology comes from the Latin word aperire, which means “to open”. Our fifth issue takes root in this concept, as it is full of contributors who are opening themselves up to the RPD audience. In our last newsletter, we mentioned we were looking for True Stories, for honesty and nakedness, and the pieces you will experience this month absolutely encompass that concept. We are proud to feature the work of artists who are brave enough to reveal their true selves. We invite you to discover pieces with a social conscience, pieces that are emotionally devastating and even an open letter to one of the Blues Brothers.

We at The Rain, Party, & Disaster Society like to think of our magazine as constantly evolving. Every tiny change and metamorphosis we go through is helping us grow. This month, we brought on a guest editor, Alecia Eberhardt, who graciously agreed to work in our Fiction section. We are quite grateful to have such a talented individual join our ranks. We also opened up our features section beyond our current contributors. For the first time ever, we will be featuring the work of another literary magazine: FreezeRay Poetry. Look out for a piece from one of their editors early this month, as well as a corresponding Tumblr Feature. You can also now find information regarding our submission periods on every page of our site. No matter where you go, you’ll know if/when we are accepting submissions. Finally, as promised, keep your eye on our Tumblr, as we will be featuring works from our editorial staff in the future. You wanted to know who we are, and we are excited to share a piece of ourselves with you.

Don’t forget: submissions opened today and go until April 15th. Email us your powerful, upsetting, and life-altering words. Then, get ready.
"As an old friend of some of the editors, I have been following The Rain, Party, & Disaster Society since its inception. The magazine’s dedication to unconventional work has always struck me, so I was excited to get the chance to work behind-the-scenes as a guest fiction editor. I've been a staff member on several magazines, but I was thoroughly impressed by the level of communication, organization, and careful thought that these four ladies bring to the table. I watched as they went back and forth with authors, honing a piece with “good bones” into something fleshed-out and fully alive, simultaneously challenging and supporting the writers with whom they work. This type of editing and attention, which helps a writer’s craft improve in a way that a simple rejection never could, is an art that has fallen by the wayside in today’s content-saturated world, but its importance cannot be overstated. I say this as a writer and as an editor—as the saying goes, we get “too close” to our work, we get too attached to certain images or phrases. We need someone to question us, to offer alternatives, to help us reach le mot juste.

The web is full of words; it’s full of art. If a publication really wants to play a role in improving the caliber of that work, then it is imperative that it opens up a conversation with the people who create. I applaud RP&D for doing just that.

Here’s hoping I work with them again soon."

Wondering what we do when we're not editing? Here's your answer:

JORDAN: "Writing bleeds into every aspect of my life. If I am not editing someone else’s writing for RPD, then I am doing writing of my own. For the past two years, I have been caring for my Mother who suffers from a degenerative illness. Feeling isolated, I began a blog about my family’s journey and about what it’s like to be a young caregiver. The outpouring from the caregiving community has really fueled my fire to continue blogging. I also write creatively as well, and began a Tumblr project for myself mid-way through February called “Six Word Stories”. The concept is certainly not new, containing an entire story in six words, but once I got started my mind ran wild. Over a month later, I have over 275 of these stories with more on the way. Perhaps I’ll publish a book of them one day, or use them as prompts for longer works. Either way, continuing to write keeps me sharp and only reinforces the sense of community I feel with the editorial staff and the contributors at RPD."

JEN: "People who don't know me are usually surprised to learn that I love construction. One of the happiest months of my life was during the summer of 2011, when I worked full-time with Habitat for Humanity through AmeriCorps. That month instilled a lifelong love of power tools and demolition in me, which is why I continue to volunteer at Habitat in Buffalo (when it's warm enough to feel my hands, anyway). On warm weekends when I'm not at a build site, I prefer to be hiking or exploring whatever neighborhood I happen to be living in (I move a lot, not always by choice). When it's cold out, I tend to stay inside, so I've spent many of my evenings and weekends these past few months just hanging out at friends' houses, throwing parties with my roommate, and doing Zumba on Thursday nights."

whether it's commercial voice-overs, short films, or live theatre, my life outside of rpd is filled with performance. perfectly pulling shots of espresso by day & creating a character by night, missing calls & losing sleep, i have little time to call my own. but there is no in between; life is either absolute chaos or simply static. & i'm just grateful to be able to do good work.

BEE: "I have always been a study in don't tell me what I am and not am not capable of. My job in publishing takes eight hours of my day and my job trying to crush the patriarchy takes the other sixteen. VDay, Safe Horizon, The Thick Thighs Club for Grrrls, these are a few of my favorite things. I want to deliver sermons of radical self-love, self-care, and dismantled kyriarchy from the roof tops of cities all over the world. I also want to deliver babies, adding "studying to become a doula" to the altar of candles I'm burning at both ends. Best days are spent writing evocatively, volunteering productively, and inspiring lusciously. In my wake, I long to leave a honey-and-blood stained, glitter encrusted, skulls-of-my-enemies littered trail with the pages of the books I consume blowing in the wind and the pillars of my beliefs un-shaken. 


New for April, we've started archiving our past newsletters for your reading pleasure. 

Be sure to visit the archive of March's posts, neatly arranged in a digital "glossy" version.

Both can be found under the Archives tab at the top of the site.

Until next time, 
Jordan, Jen, Kay, & Bee
The Rain, Party, & Disaster Society
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